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Platform Engineering

Platform engineering teams pave the path for empowering Kubernetes developers to code, ship, and run their applications. Understanding platform engineering concepts and best practices, organizations can realize the speed benefits of cloud-native development and developers can get the tools and fast feedback loops they need to ship software safely and rapidly.

Chart an open source strategy that boosts development teams' ability to code, ship and run software using the best of the Kubernetes ecosystem and build a strategy with architectural stability, security, and simplicity in mind to ensure long-term success.

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Pave your Kubernetes path with Ambassador

  1. Reduce complexity for developers with centralized developer platform
  2. Accelerate onboarding, productivity and ability to ship software
  3. Propagate developer-friendly technologies and workflows, e.g., GitOps
  4. Give developers more control and insight into the full development life cycle, easing the firefighting duties of SREs and DevOps

  • Free training for teams of application developers using Kubernetes
  • Insights and thought leadership about developer platforms and platform engineering
  • Solutions built on popular open source tools from across the CNCF ecosystem
  • Access to expert engineers who will share practical tips on using Kubernetes in production
  • Be part of a community of Kubernetes learners from around the world

Why invest in an Internal Developer Platform for Kubernetes

Platform engineers can guide cloud-native developers toward a full lifecycle, code-ship-run ownership model, paving the path and providing the tools they need to move from code to a live application in production.

With components and tools centralized in an internal developer platform, platform engineering builds the foundation for developer self-service, success and responsibility. A developer platform empowers both developers and platform engineers to focus on and excel in their core business areas, faster development cycles and the ability to ship software with speed and safety.

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