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What's New Wednesday

A Look at Today's New Features & What's to Come

On-Demand Webinar

What you will learn:

  • JetBrains Integration: We’re excited to unveil the Telepresence plugin for the JetBrains Marketplace. Now, enjoy seamless integration right from your favorite IDE

  • Taskbar Convenience: Get instant access to Telepresence functionalities. Our new feature lets you easily operate Telepresence straight from your taskbar, simplifying your workflow

  • Message Queue Development: With our newly introduced Replace Container functionality, working with message queues has never been simpler

  • Roadmap Snapshot: Get a glimpse into what's in store for Kubernetes developers and the future of Telepresence and Edge Stack


Join us for the latest What's New Wednesday as we highlight the latest features for Telepresence. From the seamless integration plugin with JetBrains Marketplace to the convenience of operating straight from your taskbar, we've got you covered. And that's not all – harness the power of the new replace container functionality, revolutionizing how you develop with message queues.


Edidiong Asikpo

Sr. Developer Advocate, Ambassador Labs

Lori Marshall

VP of Product Management, Ambassador Labs