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Tech Talk Episode 4: The Battle of the Service Mesh vs Gateway

Building Reliability with Linkerd & Edge Stack

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Join us with Buoyant’s Tech Evangelist, Flynn, and Ambassador’s Senior Software Engineer, Alice Wasko, as they dive deep into the world of service meshes and API Gateways.

Ambassador and Buoyant teams will show the frictionless way to get Edge Stack API Gateway and Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd running smoothly together to provide resilience and reliability for both end-user requests and service-to-service application calls. We'll guide you through the best practices for using both tools together to give you capabilities like rate limiting, retries, and timeouts.

This Tech Talk will provide:

  • An overview of each product and a discussion of how they complement each other to make your production infrastructure stack seamless.
  • Best practices and antipatterns related to resilience
  • The age-old debate of “Service Mesh vs API Gateway” and when to use which (Hint, the answer is both!)
  • A live demo
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Alice Wasko
Alice Wasko, Ambassador
Flynn, Buoyant