Kubernetes Concepts for Immediate Deployment

Watch On-Demand

We get it—developing, managing, and deploying in Kubernetes environments is complicated. Our new tech talk series, Scaling and Deploying on Kubernetes, is here to simplify some of those efforts.

Watch On-Demand: Ambassador Labs’ Senior Software Engineer, Alice Wasko, breaks down the following Kubernetes (K8s) concepts:

  • Understanding Horizontal Scaling: Scale pods without altering resource allocations. Learn the balance between performance and availability. Maintain service during updates.
  • Mastering Vertical Scaling: Manage individual pod resources (CPU/RAM). Set pods to request more resources dynamically.
  • Cluster Scaling Techniques: Adjust the number of nodes in a cluster. Learn the implications of adding to pods’ CPU/RAM resources.
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA) Explained: Adjust the number of pod replicas based on CPU usage or custom metrics.
  • Vertical Pod Autoscaling (VPA) Demystified: Adjust resource requests and limits for pods based on their actual utilization.