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CI/CD Pipeline Optimization with APIs & K8s

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Next in our Kubernetes educational tech talk series, we’ll explore how APIs fit into your CI/CD pipeline, with a special focus on Kubernetes. Whether you're a seasoned Kubernetes user or just starting out, this session will equip you with high-level strategies and tools to optimize your Kubernetes flow from your APIs to your CI/CD pipeline.

What you will learn:

  • Tactics for Optimizing Kubernetes Performance with APIs

  • Best Practices for Using APIs in your CI/CD Pipeline

  • Explore how to utilize Best Practices for Using CI/CD Pipelines to Develop APIs dependencies and Docker for testing, including for both apps and services you own and those you don’t.

  • Real-World Use Cases: Explore real-world scenarios where we will explore the flow between your K8s clusters, APIs, and your CI/CD pipeline.

  • Roadmap Sneak Peek: Where Blackbird can help in your SDLC

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Alicia Petit

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Ambassador

Jake Beck

Product Manager at Ambassador