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Tech Talk Episode 2: High Availability & Disaster Recovery in Kubernetes

Join Engineering Manager Kai Tillman to discuss the design and implementation of high-availability setups for Kubernetes clusters.

March 14, 2024


Webinar - Building Microservice Systems Without Cooking Your Laptop

Join us for a tour of coding, testing, and shipping microservices using remote-to-local “remocal” tools and techniques with Docker, Telepresence, and Kubernetes. Explore how to utilize containerized dependencies and Docker for testing, including for both apps and services you own and those you don’t, and learn how Telepresence can enable “remocal” development, expanding your local machine and Docker Desktop out into a remote Kubernetes cluster.


Webinar - Edge Stack WAF: Defense in Depth for Startups and Enterprises

Everyone needs to protect their network, and Ambassador Edge Stack has now added Web Application Firewall (WAF) functionality to an API gateway that already provided authentication and rate limiting. In this webinar, we will go over how you can get comprehensive protection that is PCI 6.6-compliant using Edge Stack WAF in just 30 lines of YAML, and show a previously vulnerable app instantly protected by the WAF.


Webinar - Unveiling the Latest Innovations and Product Updates

During this Feature Friday session, get a glance at our product innovations and updates, including Telepresence for Docker Compose and WAF for Edge Stack. Experience seamless Kubernetes remote to local development with Telepresence, now with expanded capabilities for Docker Compose users. Discover how WAF enhances API Gateway security, protecting your APIs from threats. Learn how to elevate your development and security practices with Kubernetes native dev tools from Ambassador Labs!


Webinar - End-to-End Encryption with Linkerd

With authentication comes the choice of how users should be authenticated, and with a multitude of IdPs out there, it may not be easy. Instead of picking and choosing, it’s possible to utilize many different types of IdPs for authentication use.


Webinar - Going ‘Remocal’ with Telepresence for Docker

When you adopt microservices, containers, and cloud native development, the technologies and architectures may change, but the need for fast feedback doesn’t. Whether you’re coding or testing applications, you want to be able to get work done quickly without spinning up all of your microservices locally and driving your laptop fans into high speed!