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Telepresence Login


Use telepresence login to explicitly authenticate with Ambassador Cloud. Other commands will automatically invoke the telepresence login interactive login procedure as nescessary, so it is rarely nescessary to explicitly run telepresence login; it should only be truly nescessary to explictly run telepresence login when you require a non-interactive login.

The normal interactive login procedure involves launching a web browser, a user interacting with that web browser, and finally having the web browser make callbacks to the local Telepresence process. If it is not possible to do this (perhaps you are using a headless remote box via SSH, or are using Telepresence in CI), then you may instead have Ambassador Cloud issue an API key that you pass to telepresence login with the --apikey flag.


When you run telepresence login, the CLI installs a Telepresence binary. The Telepresence enhanced free client of the User Daemon communicates with the Ambassador Cloud to provide fremium features including the ability to create intercepts from Ambassador Cloud.

Acquiring an API key

  1. Log in to Ambassador Cloud at .

  2. Click on your profile icon in the upper-left: Screenshot with the
mouse pointer over the upper-left profile icon

  3. Click on the "API Keys" menu button: Screenshot with the mouse
pointer over the "API Keys" menu button

  4. Click on the "generate new key" button in the upper-right: Screenshot with the mouse pointer over the "generate new key"

  5. Enter a description for the key (perhaps the name of your laptop, or perhaps the "CI"), and click "generate api key" to create it.

You may now pass the API key as KEY to telepresence login --apikey=KEY.

Telepresence will use that "master" API key to create narrower keys for different components of Telepresence. You will see these appear in the Ambassador Cloud web interface.