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The metrics endpoint

For an overview of other options for gathering statistics on Emissary-ingress, see the Statistics and Monitoring overview.

Each Emissary-ingress pod exposes statistics and metrics for that pod at http://{POD}:8877/metrics. The response is in the text-based Prometheus exposition format.

Understanding the statistics

The Prometheus exposition format includes special "HELP" lines that make the file self-documenting as to what specific statistics mean.

  • envoy_*: See the Envoy documentation.
  • ambassador_*:
    • ambassador_edge_stack_* (not present in Emissary-ingress):
      • ambassador_edge_stack_go_*: See [promethus.NewGoCollector()][].
      • ambassador_edge_stack_promhttp_* See promhttp.Handler().
      • ambassador_edge_stack_process_*: See [promethus.NewProcessCollector()][]..
    • ambassador_*_time_seconds (for * = one of aconf, diagnostics, econf, fetcher, ir, or reconfiguration): Gauges of how long the various core operations take in the diagd process.
    • ambassador_diagnostics_(errors|notices): The number of diagnostics errors and notices that would be shown in the diagnostics UI or the Edge Policy Console.
    • ambassador_diagnostics_info: Info about the Emissary-ingress install; all information is presented in labels; the value of the Gauge is always "1".
    • ambassador_process_*: See prometheus_client.ProcessCollector.

Polling the :8877/metrics endpoint with Prometheus

To scrape metrics directly, follow the instructions for Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana.

Using Grafana to visualize statistics gathered by Prometheus

Sample dashboard

We provide a sample Grafana dashboard that displays information collected by Prometheus from the :8877/metrics endpoint.

Screenshot of a Grafana dashboard that displays just information from Envoy