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Ambassador Launches Multi-Namespace Intercepts and Microsoft Azure AD Integration

Jake Beck
January 8, 2024 | 2 min read
Multi-Namespace Intercepts and Microsoft Azure AD Integration

With the latest Telepresence and Ambassador Cloud updates, we're introducing an advanced Intercept Spec feature, integrating Microsoft Azure AD for SSO, and unveiling a comprehensive Usage Dashboard in Ambassador Cloud. These updates cater to the evolving needs of developers and organizations striving for efficiency and security in their Kubernetes workflows.

Multi-Namespace Intercept with Intercept Spec

The multi-namespace intercepts, introduced in our latest release, enables functionality that allows users to configure support for multiple connections effortlessly, simplifying the setup process and enhancing the efficiency of using Telepresence for docker mode. The intercept spec is engineered to allow definitions for multiple connections and enables users to specify the desired connection for each intercepted workload.

This capability is vital when simultaneous intercepts across different namespaces are required. Validation checks are performed early in the startup process, promptly alerting users to any config issues. This immediate feedback loop ensures that potential problems are identified and addressed quickly, leading to a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Microsoft Azure AD integration for SSO

Ambassador Labs has integrated Microsoft Azure AD, now known as Entra, into Ambassador Cloud for SAML SSO login. This integration complements our existing Okta support, broadening our SSO capabilities. This integration ensures seamless and secure access to Ambassador Cloud, offering users the flexibility and reliability of Microsoft's robust identity services.

Usage Dashboard for Ambassador Cloud

The new details added to the Usage Dashboard in Ambassador Cloud improves users' ability to seek detailed insights into their Telepresence usage.

Usage Dashboard in Ambassador Cloud
Usage Dashboard in Ambassador Cloud

The dashboard provides metrics for Telepresence, such as the number of connects and intercepts as well as giving insights for Edge Stack API Gateway, such as usage for clusters, RPM or RPS, and the number of team members in your organization. This feature is invaluable for teams aiming to optimize their development processes and better understand the usage of Telepresence and Edge Stack within their workflows.

Dashboard view
Dashboard view

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