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The Filter Resource (v1alpha1)

The Filter custom resource works in conjunction with the FilterPolicy custom resource to define how and when Ambassador Edge Stack will modify or intercept incoming requests before sending them to your upstream Service. Filters define what actions to take on a request, while FilterPolicies define the matching criteria for requests, such as the headers, hostname, and path, and supply references to one or more Filters to execute against those requests. Filters are largely used to add built-in authentication and security, but Ambassador Edge Stack also supports developing custom filters to add your own processing and logic.

This doc is an overview of all the fields on the Filter Custom Resource with descriptions of the purpose, type, and default values of those fields. This page is specific to the version of the Filter resource. For the older resource, please see the v3alpha1 Filter api reference.

Filter API Reference

Filtering is configured using Filter custom resources. The body of the resource spec depends on the filter type:


typeEnum ("jwt"/"oauth2"/"apikey"/"external"/"plugin")Required field that identifies the type of the Filter that is configured to be executed on a request.
jwtJWTFilterProvides configuration for the JWT Filter type
oauth2OAuth2FilterProvides configuration for the OAuth2 Filter type
apikeyAPIKeyFilterProvides configuration for the APIKey Filter type
externalExternalFilterProvides configuration for the External Filter type
pluginPluginFilterProvides configuration for the Plugin Filter type


This field is set automatically by Ambassador Edge Stack to provide info about the status of the Filter.

conditions[]metav1.ConditionDescribes the current conditions of the WebApplicationFirewall, known conditions are Accepted;Ready;Rejected