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The Plugin Filter Type (v1alpha1)

The Plugin filter type allows you to plug in your own custom code. This code is compiled into a .so file, which you load into the Envoy Proxy container at /etc/ambassador-plugins/${NAME}.so. For more information about how requests are matched to Filter resources and the order in which Filters are executed, please refer to the FilterPolicy Resource documentation.

This page is specific to the version of the Plugin Filter resource. For the older resource, please see the v3alpha1 Plugin Filter api reference.

Plugin Filter API Reference

To create a Plugin Filter, the spec.type must be set to plugin, and the plugin field must contain the configuration for your Plugin Filter.

name: Indicates the compiled binaries name excluding the extension for the Plugin. Envoy Proxy will look for the .so file in the /etc/ambassador-plugins directory. For example, if name: "example-plugin" the .so file should be available at "/etc/ambassador-plugins/" on the Envoy Proxy container.