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Upgrade Process

The Telepresence CLI will periodically check for new versions and notify you when an upgrade is available. Running the same commands used for installation will replace your current binary with the latest version.

# Upgrade via brew:
brew upgrade datawire/blackbird/telepresence
# OR upgrade manually:
# 1. Download the latest binary (~60 MB):
sudo curl -fL https://app.getambassador.io/download/tel2/darwin/amd64/latest/telepresence -o /usr/local/bin/telepresence
# 2. Make the binary executable:
sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/telepresence

After upgrading your CLI, the Traffic Manager must be uninstalled from your cluster. This can be done using telepresence uninstall --everything or by kubectl delete svc,deploy -n ambassador traffic-manager. The next time you run a telepresence command it will deploy an upgraded Traffic Manager.


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