Empowering Innovation: A Commitment to Open Source

Ambassador Labs Pioneering API Gateway and Telepresence Through Community Collaboration.

Telepresence OSS

Telepresence is an innovative open-source tool designed to streamline your workflow by enabling the local coding and testing of microservices, while seamlessly integrating with a remote Kubernetes cluster for a more efficient development process.

Telepresence OSS Documentation


Enhance your Kubernetes experience with a versatile, open-source ingress controller and API Gateway. Emissary-Ingress provides an efficient way to route and secure traffic to your cluster, ensuring optimal performance and security for your Kubernetes deployments.

Emissary-Ingress Documentation

Discover the full potential: upgrade from Telepresence OSS and Emissary-Ingress to the advanced commercial solutions of Telepresence and Edge Stack. Experience enhanced and unique features, and streamlined operations today!

The open-source API Gateway Emissary-Ingress is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Incubating project that was initially created by the team at Ambassador Labs


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