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Upgrade Emissary-ingress 3.8.Z (Helm)

Since Emissary-ingress's configuration is entirely stored in Kubernetes resources, upgrading between minor versions is straightforward.

Resources to check before migrating to 3.9.1.

Migration Steps

Migration is a two-step process:

  1. Install new CRDs.

    After reviewing the changes in 3.x and confirming that you are ready to upgrade, the process is the same as upgrading minor versions in the previous version of Emissary-ingress and does not require the complex migration steps that the migration from 1.x to 2.x required.

    Before installing Emissary-ingress 3.9.1 itself, you need to update the CRDs in your cluster. This is mandatory during any upgrade of Emissary-ingress.

  2. Install Emissary-ingress 3.9.1.

    After installing the new CRDs, use Helm to install Emissary-ingress 3.9.1. Start by making sure that your datawire Helm repo is set correctly:

    Then, update your Emissary-ingress installation in the emissary namespace. If necessary for your installation (e.g. if you were running with AMBASSADOR_SINGLE_NAMESPACE set), you can choose a different namespace.