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Dev Portal tutorial

In this tutorial, you will access and explore some of the key features of the Dev Portal.


You must have Ambassador Edge Stack installed in your Kubernetes cluster. This tutorial assumes you have connected your cluster to Ambassador Cloud and deployed the quote app with the Mapping from the Ambassador Edge Stack tutorial.

Developer API documentation

The quote service you just deployed publishes its API as an OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) document. Ambassador Edge Stack automatically detects and publishes this documentation. This can help with internal and external developer onboarding by serving as a single point of reference for of all your microservice APIs.

  1. To visualize your service's API doc, go to Ambassador Cloud, navigate to your service's detailed view, and click on the "API" tab.

  2. Navigate to https://<load-balancer-endpoint>/docs/ to see the publicly visible Developer Portal. Make sure you include the trailing /. This is a fully customizable portal that you can share with third parties who need information about your APIs.