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Header-based routing

Ambassador Edge Stack can route to target services based on HTTP headers with the headers and regex_headers specifications. Multiple mappings with different annotations can be applied to construct more complex routing rules.

The headers annotation

The headers attribute is a dictionary of header: value pairs. Ambassador Edge Stack will only allow requests that match the specified header: value pairs to reach the target service.


will allow requests to /backend/ to succeed only if the x-quote-mode header has the value backend and the x-random-header has the value datawire.

Regex headers

You can also set the value of a regex header to ".*" to test for the existence of a header.

Conditional example

will send requests that contain the x-quote-mode header to the quote-mode target, while routing all other requests to the quote-regular target.

The following mapping will route mobile requests from Android and iPhones to a mobile service: