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Gateway API

Using the Gateway API

Ambassador Edge Stack now supports a limited subset of the new v1alpha1 Gateway API. Note that the Gateway API is not supported when AMBASSADOR_LEGACY_MODE is set.

Support is currently limited to the following fields, however this will expand in future releases:

  • Gateway.spec.listeners.port
  • HTTPRoute.spec.rules.matches.path.type (Exact, Prefix, and RegularExpression)
  • HTTPRoute.spec.rules.matches.path.value
  • HTTPRoute.spec.rules.matches.header.type (Exact and RegularExpression)
  • HTTPRoute.spec.rules.matches.header.values
  • HTTPRoute.spec.rules.forwardTo.serviceName
  • HTTPRoute.spec.rules.forwardTo.port
  • HTTPRoute.spec.rules.forwardTo.weight

Please see the specification for more details.