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Statistics and monitoring

Ambassador Edge Stack collects many statistics internally, and makes it easy to direct this information to a statistics and monitoring tool of your choice. As an example, for a given service usersvc, here are some interesting statistics to investigate:

  • envoy.cluster.usersvc_cluster.upstream_rq_total is the total number of requests that usersvc has received via Ambassador Edge Stack. The rate of change of this value is one basic measure of service utilization, i.e. requests per second.
  • envoy.cluster.usersvc_cluster.upstream_rq_2xx is the total number of requests to which usersvc responded with an HTTP response indicating success. This value divided by the prior one, taken on an rolling window basis, represents the recent success rate of the service. There are corresponding 4xx and 5xx counters that can help clarify the nature of unsuccessful requests.
  • envoy.cluster.usersvc_cluster.upstream_rq_time is a StatsD timer that tracks the latency in milliseconds of usersvc from Ambassador Edge Stack's perspective. StatsD timers include information about means, standard deviations, and decile values.

There are several ways to get different statistics out of Ambassador Edge Stack: