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Install with Helm

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that automates the release and management of software on Kubernetes. Ambassador Edge Stack can be installed via a Helm chart with a few simple steps, depending on if you are deploying for the first time, upgrading Ambassador Edge Stack from an existing installation, or migrating from Ambassador Edge Stack.

Before you begin

The Ambassador Edge Stack Helm chart is hosted by Datawire and published at https://app.getambassador.io.

Start by adding this repo to your helm client with the following command:

Install with Helm

When you run the Helm chart, it installs Ambassador Edge Stack.

  1. Install the Ambassador Edge Stack CRDs.

    Before installing Ambassador Edge Stack 3.3.0 itself, you must configure your Kubernetes cluster to support the getambassador.io/v3alpha1 and getambassador.io/v2 configuration resources. This is required.

  2. Install the Ambassador Edge Stack Chart with the following command:

  3. Next Steps

    Ambassador Edge Stack shold now be successfully installed and running, but in order to get started deploying Services and test routing to them you need to configure a few more resources.

For more advanced configuration and details about helm values, please see the helm chart.

Upgrading an existing installation

See the migration matrix for instructions about upgrading Ambassador Edge Stack.