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Single Sign-On with Okta

  1. Create an OIDC application

    Note: If you have a standard Okta account you must first navigate to your Okta Org's admin portal (step 1). Developer accounts can skip to Step 2.

    • Go to your org and click Admin in the top right corner to access the admin portal
    • Select Applications
    • Select Add Application
    • Choose Web and OpenID Connect. Then click Create.
    • Give it a name, enter the URL of your Ambassador Edge Stack load balancer in Base URIs and the callback URL {AMBASSADOR_URL}/.ambassador/oauth2/redirection-endpoint as the Login redirect URIs
  2. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret and use them to fill in the ClientID and Secret of you Okta OAuth Filter.

  3. Get the audience configuration

    • Select API and Authorization Servers
    • You can use the default Authorization Server or create your own.
    • If you are using the default, the audience of your Okta OAuth Filter is api://default
    • The value of the authorizationURL is the Issuer URI of the Authorization Server

Configure Filter and FilterPolicy

Configure your OAuth Filter and FilterPolicy with the following:

Note: Scope values openid and profile are required at a minimum. Other scope values can be added to the Authorization Server.