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Protecting Access to the Diagnostics Interface

Out of the box, Ambassador Edge Stack enables Mappings to provide access to the diagnostics interfaces that can help you debug your installation. In a production environment, though, public access to these endpoints is not an ideal situation. To solve this, we will be using the Ambassador Module to remove the default mappings, after which we'll create a new, host-based mapping to expose the diagnostics interface more securely. The Ambassador Module applies system-wide configuration settings for Ambassador Edge Stack to follow.

After applying this module, the diagnostics interface are no longer accessible from the outside world. We should not, however, exclude actual administrators from using these interfaces, so to create a more managed endpoint for them to use, create a Mapping to expose the endpoint:

Now, administrators can connect to the diagnostic interface using the hostname, and the Mapping settings can be appropriately configured to better control access to these services. To learn more about Ambassador Module configurations, see Ambassador Module.