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Onboarding Dashboard

A central location to see the status of your developers, and the services within your organization.

Onboarding Overview

All the members of your organization can look at the onboarding dashboard to see which invited developers haven't onboarded and which have. You can also invite new developers here, or see which services are in use across your organization.

Onboarding dashboard

Active services

Latest intercepts

  • Invite more people: Invite your colleagues to collaborate, send an email invitation link to start the Ambassador Cloud experience.
  • Re-Invite people: Resend the invite to colleagues that didn't accept the first invite.
  • Developers onboarded: See the number of people that have created or initialized an intercept.
  • Need to be onboarded: List of people who have not created any intercept. You can nudge them to send some useful email with instructions about how to start.
  • Active services: Your services that are currently flagged as active, how they were activated, and the last seen date.