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Ambassador Cloud Developer Portal overview

The Ambassador Cloud Developer Portal provides a consolidated view of your cells, clusters, and API documentation of your services. Once the Developer Portal is configured for a service, you can try out API requests for the service directly in your browser.

Before you explore the Developer Portal, you first need to report your API docs using Mapping resources. To learn more about how to expose your services API, try the API visualization quick start.

External Developer Portal access

To expose the Developer Portal oustide of Ambassador Cloud, you need to add a Mapping resource to your Edge Stack cluster using one of the examples below.

For the x-ambassador-api-key field in the Mapping resources shown below, you need to generate an API key in Ambassador Cloud and add that API token as the value for that field. Because these are standard Edge Stack Mapping resources, you can add additional security to the resource as you would with any other Edge Stack Mapping resource.

To expose the Developer Portal with an internal DNS entry, create a Mapping resource similar to the following:

To expose the Developer Portal with DNS and a hostname, create a Mapping resource similar to the following:

Once you've added the Mapping resources to your cluster, the developer portal is available at