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Creating Mocks with Blackbird

Quickly stand-up hosted mocks for APIs and endpoints that provide dynamic data and are accessible to development teams via remote endpoints, powered by Ambassador Edge Stack API Gateway. This feature accelerates the development process by enabling teams to simulate API behavior in real-world scenarios without the need for complex infrastructure setup.

If you have your own examples included in your OpenAPI specification, you can use those as well by passing in the Prefer: dynamic=false header to requests to your mock API server.

Deploying a new Mock API requires the use of OpenAPI Specification Version 3.0+.

Create a new Mock

First, download the sample petstore.yaml file to test with.

Delete a Mock

To delete a running mock, you can run the mock delete command to remove it.

List Mocks

To see a list of all active mocks, you can run the list deployments command.