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What is the Rollouts feature?

Rolouts is a new feature in Ambassador Cloud that helps developers setting up a CD pipeline and deploying their applications using Canary releases.

What can I do with Rollouts in Ambassador Cloud?

Once the Rollouts feature is configured, developers will be able to run canary releases from Ambassador Cloud UI.

How can Rollouts deploy applications inside my cluster?

Rollouts leverage GitOps and Kubernetes native technologies such as Argo projects. Once a new Rollout is started a Pull Request is automatically created in a pre-configured Git repository. This Pull Request can then be reviewed by your team and once merged Argo will be responsible for applying the changes in your cluster.

I don't know anything about Argo projects. Is this a requirement?

No. Ambassador Cloud will guide you on how to install and configure everything in your cluster so you can have a fully functional CD pipeline capable of running canary releases.

What are the requirements for using Rollouts?

The Rollout feature requires:

  • Kubernetes cluster running with Ambassador 1.13.8+
  • An application running with Ambassador Mappings configured
  • A Github repository with the manifests yamls of your application

I use Ambassador open-source. Can I use the Rollouts feature?

Yes. The Rollouts feature is available in all Ambassador 1.13.8+ releases: AES and Emissary

Can I provide my manifests as a Helm Chart or as a Kustomize project?

Currently, the Rollouts feature requires standard kubernetes manifests. You can generate standard Kubernetes manifests from Helm Charts or Kustomize projects and provide those files in a git repo so it can be consumed by Ambassador Cloud.

What are the deployment strategies supported?

Currently, Ambassador Cloud supports canary releases.