What’s New in the Ambassador Edge Stack 1.0?

Curious about what's new in the Ambassador Edge Stack? Learn why you need more than an API Gateway for managing traffic to your microservices and how the Ambassador Edge Stack provides a comprehensive, self-service solution.

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Noah Krause
Support Engineer
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Before Kubernetes, the boundary between your users and your monolithic application was simple to manage. Now with Kubernetes, managing the edge has become dynamic and complex. More developers are involved, there are exponentially more edge operations, and each microservice has diverse requirements.

To fully capitalize on the benefits of Kubernetes, you need to provide a solution that supports the autonomy of application developers, the various requirements of your microservices, and your ability to scale.

You no longer need an API Gateway - you need a self-service, comprehensive edge stack.

In this 40 minute webinar on January 30th, we will discuss and demo the new functionality available with the Ambassador Edge Stack.

  • Edge Policy Console- graphical UI to visualize and manage all of your edge policies
  • Security Features- automatic TLS setup via ACME integration, OAuth/OpenID Connect integration, rate limiting, and fine-grained access control
  • Developer Onboarding- API catalog, Swagger/OpenAPI documentation support, and a fully customizable developer portal