Weekly Office Hours: What's New in 1.2 and Open Questions

Curious about what's new in the Ambassador Edge Stack 1.2? Have a questions about Ambassador Edge Stack in general? Join us for 10-15 minutes on the new installation and upgrade process for Ambassador Edge Stack. The remainder of the hour will be spent answering your questions live!

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Noah Krause
Support Engineer
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With the Ambassador Edge Stack 1.2, we greatly improved the installation and upgrade processes. The new installation process (using edgectl install) involves fewer steps and uses Let's Encrypt to set up HTTPS for a new, unique fully qualified domain name that is provided for each install. For smoother upgrades, we've added an operator that automates many steps in the upgrade process that were once manual. You may create a policy for upgrading that specifies update windows and versions. In the first 10-15 minutes, Noah will discuss these changes in great detail and answer any questions that attendees may have.

For the remainder of the hour, Noah will answer general questions about the Ambassador Edge Stack or the Ambassador API Gateway. We plan to prioritize questions that are relevant for multiple attendees and will follow up individually with attendees asking questions that are more specific to their situation.

Enter questions during the webinar using the Q&A window or through the #office-hour-questions channel on the Datawire OSS slack.