Building a Technology Stack for your Kubernetes-Based Platform

To get the most out of Kubernetes, organizations must enable full cycle development. In this webinar, we’ll dive into the four key technologies you need to build your Kubernetes-based platform.

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Tenshin Higashi
Associate Customer Engineer
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In previous articles and in a previous webinar , We’ve spoken widely about the four capabilities that are necessary for enabling full-cycle development when building a cloud native platform: container management, progressive delivery, edge management, and observability.

In this webinar, we’ll look at the technology that enables these four capabilities. To build a Kubernetes-based platform, you need four technologies:

  • Kubernetes is a container management system that enables development teams to work in a self-service manner in relation to the operational aspects of running containers.
  • Continuous Delivery Pipelines enable teams to deliver any and all application changes including experiments, new features, configuration, and bug fixes, into production as rapidly and safely as the organization requires.
  • An Edge Stack sits at the Kubernetes cluster edge and enables the controlled release of applications, supports the configuration of cross-functional edge requirements, and simplifies developer onboarding and the use of associated APIs.
  • The Observability Stack monitors the health of a system and enables teams to gradually optimize a systems health while also giving them the tools needed to recognize and react immediately to changes in health.

Join this webinar will talk through the requirements for these technologies as well as discuss common antipatterns and how to avoid them.