What’s New in Ambassador API Gateway 1.6?

The latest version of the Ambassador Edge Stack includes new security and performance enhancements to help development teams further reduce risk when exposing their cloud-native applications to end-users.

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Noah Krause's photo
Noah Krause
Support Engineer

In this 30 minute webinar held August 4th, 2020, we discussed and demoed the new functionality available with the Ambassador API Gateway and the Ambassador Edge Stack 1.6.

  • Improved performance for larger clusters to minimize latency as configuration changes are made.
  • New  “RPS Speedometer” (in the Ambassador Edge Stack only) that provides visibility to help end-users to better understand workloads.
  • New real-time schema validation feature allows Kubectl to synchronously validate input resources on Kubernetes 1.14+.
  • Adherence to recent penetration test requirements performed by Synopsys, Inc.
  • Upgrade to Envoy 1.14.4 to address a medium severity security vulnerability