Installing Ambassador with Helm

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes. Ambassador is available as a Helm chart if you use Helm for package management. To install with Helm:

  1. Install the Ambassador Chart:

    helm upgrade --install --wait my-release stable/ambassador

    For details on how to configure the chart, see the official chart documentation

  1. Jump to step 3 of the Ambassador tutorial to create your first service.


  • By default, the Helm chart configures Ambassador to run as non-root and listen on port 8080. Remember to configure the service_port in the Ambassador Module if enabling TLS termination in Ambassador.

    To configure Ambassador to run as root, remove runAsUser: 8888 from the securityContext in your values.yaml. Removing service_port: 8080 from the Ambassador Module will tell Ambassador to listen on default HTTP and HTTPS ports.

  • The value of should not be changed unless you wish to run multiple Ambassadors in your cluster. See notes on AMBASSADOR_ID f you set it something other than default.