Ambassador Early Access Releases

From time to time, Ambassador may ship early access releases to test major changes. Early access releases are not supported for production use, but are intended to gain early feedback from our community prior to shipping a release.

Early access releases will always have names that include the string "-ea" followed by a build number, for example 0.50.0-ea1 is the first early access build of Ambassador 0.50.0.

Ambassador 0.50 Early Access

Ambassador 0.50 is a major revamp of Ambassador's architecture, with support for Envoy v2 configuration, ADS, and significant internal refactoring. For details on Ambassador 0.50, see the Ambassador 0.50 Early Access blog post.

Installing Ambassador Early Access releases

We do not recommend Helm for early access releases. Instead, use a Kubernetes deployment as usual, but use image

We recommend testing with shadowing, as documented below, before switching to any new Ambassador release. We also recommend testing with shadowing for all early access releases before deploying in production.

Testing with shadowing

One strategy for testing early access releases involves using Ambassador ID and traffic shadowing. You can do the following:

  1. Install Ambassador Early Access on your cluster with a unique Ambassador ID.
  2. Shadow traffic from your production Ambassador instance to the Ambassador Early Access release.
  3. Monitor the Early Access release to determine if there are any problems.