Scaling Your API Gateway for Kubernetes

Before Kubernetes, your API Gateway managed an application that was static and simple. When you move to Kubernetes, suddenly your applications and your edge become dynamic and complex. In order to reap the benefits Kubernetes has to offer, you need to be able to manage your edge effectively given these changes. You no longer need an API Gateway - you need a comprehensive edge stack.

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Prepare Your Edge for Kubernetes

As you move to Kubernetes, more of your microservices are exposed at the edge. With this comes new challenges in how you manage your services and satisfy their diverse needs.


New Services

As business requirements evolve, new Kubernetes services are required.


Frequent releases require frequent changes to edge configuration.


Internal and external developers need to be kept up-to-date with the latest API documentation, even though services are constantly changing.



Your services can’t be left unprotected from malicious users.


As independent teams build out Kubernetes services, they won’t all speak the same protocol.


Cloud applications can’t go down.

Understand the challenges you need to prepare your Edge for with Kubernetes.

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The Two Pillars of an Effective Kubernetes Edge



A comprehensive stack provides the breadth of functionality needed to satisfy teams that are making independent decisions.



A Self-Service model enables teams to independently configure different aspects of Ambassador, and empowers application developers to configure the edge directly.

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The Ambassador Edge Stack’s self-service model empowers application developers to configure the edge.

  • Operators can set and enforce global policy
    • The Ambassador Edge Stack’s configuration model is fully declarative and built on Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions
  • This decentralized model enables teams to independently configure different aspects of Ambassador
  • The Edge Policy Console provides an easy-to-use graphical interface that supports the round-trip creation & editing of Ambassador CRDs

How can you make sure your edge is Kubernetes-ready?

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Reduce SRE toil to release faster

Eliminate the bottleneck created when your development teams are relying on operations for every release.

Cut Costs

Use the Ambassador Edge Stack to consolidate your load balancers and save on your monthly infrastructure budget.

Improve application performance and availability

The Ambassador Edge Stack is powered by Envoy Proxy, a high-powered Layer 7 proxy run by multiple large companies at scale.

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