Progressive Delivery and Canary Releases with Argo Rollouts

This week's challenge is hosted by Kostis Kapelonis

Kostis Kapelonis is a software engineer and technical writer who is passionate about automation, good testing practices, and stress-free deployments. This summer, we're excited to have Kostis joining us from Codefresh to share his learnings on progressive delivery and canary releases with Argo Rollouts!

Summer of K8s: Ship | Week 3 Learning Activities

Understand what progressive delivery is, and how is differs from CD

Understand blue/green deployments and when to use them

Understand canary deployments and when to use them

Implement a canary rollout of a sample application into Kubernetes using Argo Rollouts

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Tutorial Prerequisites

Note that ArgoCD is NOT required for this exercise (but it is ok if it is already installed in the cluster by the previous week material)


Access the source code in the following Github repository

Follow the tutorial for manifests in the following ReadMe

Once you've completed the reading and tutorial, answer the following questions:


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