Deploying Apps with ArgoCD

Summer of K8s: Ship | Week 2 Learning Activities

Learn about tooling options for implementing CD within Kubernetes

Deploy a sample application to Kubernetes continuously using ArgoCD

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Continuous Delivery and GitOps Tools

Read this blog post from the Container Solution team, which explains the differences (on April 2020) between three different continuous delivery and GitOps tools for Kubernetes:


You'll need access to a Kubernetes cluster, either running remotely (e.g. GKE) or locally (e.g. Kind)

We recommend a remote cluster for this lesson, as there may be some limitations with using a local cluster. Remote demo clusters are available via our Telepresence quickstart

Install and Explore ArgoCD

Follow the ArgoCD getting started

  • For step 3, use the "Port forwarding" mechanism
  • For step 6, before creating the guestbook application, fork the guestbook repo into your own GitHub account and use your new repo URL

Be sure to view the sample guestbook application using kubectl port-forward e.g. kubectl port-forward svc/guestbook-ui 8090:80 and open localhost:8090 in your browser

Install Edge Stack and deploy a Mapping via ArgoCD

Install the Ambassador Edge Stack into your cluster

  • If you want to get hold of an edgestack/me domain name and configure TLS, the easier installation mechanism to use is edgectl install which is located under the "Quick CLI Install" instructions in Step 1

Commit an Edge Stack Mapping for the guestbook-ui service into the guestbook directory of your forked ArgoCD getting started repo.

  • Refresh and Sync via ArgoCD
  • View the guestbook via this Mapping

Once you've completed the reading, answer the following questions:


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