Kubernetes Day 2 Operations: Lessons Learned by the Kubermatic Team

This week's challenge is hosted by Damian Marquez.

Damian Marquez, a Senior Solutions Architect at Kubermatic, has more than seven years of experience as a Technical Project Lead, Solutions Architect and Engineer. He has worked for NICE systems and Google during his tenure. He's extremely passionate about technology, innovation and the challenges cloud computing poses.

Summer of K8s: Run | Week 2 Learning Activities

Understand what "Day 2 Operations" are, and how this impacts you as a developer or user of a Kubernetes cluster

Learn about the need for automation, security and observability for a successful approach to day 2 ops

Explore these concepts through the use of KubeOne for bootstrapping and maintaining a K8s cluster and Ambassador Edge Stack for providing ingress

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  1. Learn about day two operations and the need for automation to manage this
  2. Configure and maintain a Kubernetes cluster via Kuberneetes Platform (KKP)


  1. Deploying Ambassador Edge Stack on Kubernetes with Kubermatic KubeOne
  2. Blog Post: Deploying Ambassador Edge Stack on Kubernetes with Kubermatic KubeOne
  3. The Evolution of Automation at Google

Once you've completed the reading, answer the following questions:


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