K8s Traffic Management: Emissary-ingress + Linkerd

This week's challenge is hosted by Ambassador Community Advocate Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan is a Technical Evangelist at Buoyant who is passionate about continuous delivery and focused on ensuring that the apps that get released into production are easy to maintain, monitor, and scale. Jason will be guest teaching this week's Summer of Kubernetes challenge on traffic management.

Summer of K8s: Run | Week 1 Learning Activities

Learn how to install a service mesh and integrate this with K8s Ingress

Learn how a service mesh assists with service-to-service traffic reliability, observability, and security

Explore Linkerd's vizualization and debugging features

Understand the concepts (and challenges) with multi-cluster communications

Submit your work

Submit answers to weekly challenges by Friday, August 27 at 5pm PDT to qualify for weekly prize drawings.


  1. Install Linkerd, Linkerd Viz, and Emojivoto on a Kubernetes cluster​
  2. Connect Emissary to Linkerd and observe traffic to your application


Optional Readings

After completing the readings, answer the following questions. Submitting the challenge will automatically qualify you for the weekly UberEats voucher, along with $250 worth of Buoyant Cloud credits!


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