Full Service Ownership

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In this final month of the Summer of Kubernetes, you'll learn how to "run" your Kubernetes application. Focusing on runtime infrastructure, this module will help you ensure your application remains available to your users and also teach you how to handle the inevitable failure modes of your apps. Join the Ambassador Labs team + a few special guests in the coming weeks to learn about full service ownership while getting hands-on experience with service mesh and other popular cloud native tools. On Monday of each week we will publish detailed content for that week's learning activities. Sign up via Slack or email to be notified when each week's learning challenges are released!

Sample challenges

K8s Traffic Management: Emissary-ingress + Linkerd

  • Learn how to install a service mesh and integrate this with K8s Ingress
  • Learn how a service mesh assists with service-to-service traffic reliability, observability, and security
  • Explore Linkerd's visualization and debugging features
  • Understand the concepts (and challenges) with multi-cluster communications
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Kubernetes Day 2 Operations: Lessons Learned by the Kubermatic Team

  • Understand what "Day 2 Operations" are, and how this impacts you as a developer or user of a Kubernetes cluster
  • Learn about the need for automation, security, and observability for a successful approach to day 2 ops
  • Explore these concepts through the use of KubeOne for bootstrapping and maintaining a K8s cluster and Ambassador Edge Stack for providing ingress
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Observability: Configuring Prometheus and Grafana on Digital Ocean K8s

  • Create and connect to a DOKS cluster
  • Install the latest version of the kube-prometheus-stack
  • Login and look around the Grafana Dashboard
  • Setup a custom Grafana Dashboard to show data from some part of the Kubernetes cluster
  • Describe how Prometheus and Grafana work together in a Kubernetes Cluster
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K8s Annotations: The Key to Full Service Ownership

  • Learn about the concept of full service ownership as a developer
  • Explore how the idea of "you build it, you run it" relates to incident management
  • Learn how to annotate your Kubernetes service with key metadata
  • Explore the value of a service catalog for viewing service metadata
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You can join the program at any time and at any point during the summer. All content is recorded and posted online so you review and participate at your own pace. But to win weekly prizes, you must submit your results by certain deadlines.

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