Local Development Environments for Kubernetes

Weekly Learning Activities ✅

In this first month of Summer of Kubernetes, you'll learn how to code, test, and build a sample application for a Kubernetes cluster and configure an effective local development loop (even if this involves a remote cluster). In the coming weeks, you get hands-on experience with popular open source tools. On Monday of each week we will publish detailed content for that week's learning activities. Sign up via Slack or email to be notified when each week's learning challenges are released!

Sample challenges

Setting up your local development environment for Kubernetes

  • Create a Kind cluster
  • Setup Kubie
  • Deploy your Kubernetes sample application
See the week 1 challenges

Learn how to package your code into containers

  • Build a container using Docker and a Dockerfile
  • Build a container using buildpacks.io Pack tool
  • Inspect a container image using the dive tool
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Set up an effective cloud-native inner development loop

  • Deploy an application to a remote cluster using Skaffold
  • Make changes to an application and watch the container rebuild and sync with the remote cluster
  • Install Telepresence, connect to the remote cluster, and curl various service endpoints as if your laptop was located in the cluster
  • Enable a “hot reload” or “live reload” development loop between your local machine and the remote cluster with Telepresence
See the week 3 challenges

Configure continuous integration tooling

  • Clone the example application repo and configure GitHub Actions to continuously integrate and verify your application's code
  • Add a GitHub Action to automatically build a container when your application code successfully passes the CI verification step
See the week 4 challenges

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You can join the program at any time and at any point during the summer. All content is recorded and posted online so you review and participate at your own pace. But to win weekly prizes, you must submit your results by certain deadlines.

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