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Looking to get started or sharpen your skills with Kubernetes? Let’s spend the summer together getting hands-on with Kubernetes (K8s) by learning tips and tricks and winning some sweet swag along the way!

Join our community of experts for a “Summer of Kubernetes” where we’ll help make K8s faster and easier to use than ever before. Whether you’re just getting started or already using K8s in production, the developer experience can definitely be tricky. Over the course of the summer, we’ll introduce a variety of concepts and useful open source tools to level up your skills.

By the end of the summer you will:

Build an effective local development environment for building and testing K8s services

Deploy multiple example services to a K8s cluster using GitOps practices

Observe your applications running in a production-like environment

How It Works

The “Summer of Kubernetes” is a free, hands-on learning experience divided into three month-long chapters that span the app development lifecycle: Code, Ship, and Run.

Don’t worry, you can drop in and out throughout the summer based on the topics and activities that interest you the most. You’ll also have a team of expert K8s guides to help you along the way, with weekly livestreams and office hours sessions to answer your questions and help you dive deep on the topics. Throughout the summer, you’ll get to connect with other developers around the world and solve problems together.

Sample challenges include deploying a sample application, packaging your code into a container using Buildpacks, identifying and fixing a bug with Telepresence, and setting up continuous integration with GitHub actions.

Code 🧑‍💻

5/24 - 6/25

Learn how to code, test, and build a sample application for a Kubernetes cluster and configure an effective local development loop (even if this involves a remote cluster).

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Ship 🚢

7/7 - 8/4

Deploy a sample application into a Kubernetes cluster and learn how to control the release of various services and new functionality via canary release.

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8/23 - 9/17

Explore how to observe and understand your sample apps running in K8s, and learn how to handle the inevitable failure modes of these apps.

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Why Join the Summer of K8s Community?

There are many ways to learn Kubernetes, but the Summer of K8s community focuses on:

Being Opinionated

There are often multiple ways to achieve the same goal in K8s. We’ll show you the one way that gets you up and running with speed and safety. We’ll point out tradeoffs and considerations for the next stage in learning.

Learning From Your Peers

The Ambassador Labs community consists of thousands of engineers from well-known organizations that are solving real K8s problems at scale. Learn together in Slack, via live streams, and in Zoom office hours.

Being Developer Focused

Many tutorials focus on the operational aspects of K8s, but this community puts the developer first. Creating an effective local testing workflow is just as important as knowing the basics of kubectl.

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Join the Summer of K8s challenge by either joining the #summer-of-k8s channel in our community Slack or signing up for email updates. How you enter is entirely up to you, just let us know your favorite way to keep in touch with us!

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Meet Your Guides

Daniel Bryant, Director of DevRel at Ambassador Labs

Favorite summer activity: Reading by the beach 🏝

Meet Daniel: With years of industry experience implementing microservices and building developer control planes, Daniel brings lots of pragmatic wisdom through his journey from Java developer to Director of DevRel at Ambassador Labs. During the summer of K8s, he’ll share his experience across many use cases from enterprise, to startups and help you understand how to apply your knowledge to your organization.

Peter O'Neill, Developer Advocate at Ambassador Labs

Favorite summer activity: Rock climbing at Yosemite 🧗

Meet Peter: Peter O’Neill is a Developer Advocate at Ambassador Labs and our resident Telepresence expert! Mostly focused on helping the Kubernetes community adopt smoother developer experiences, you may have seen Peter in a Telepresence onboarding session or talking about dev tools for Kubernetes at a local meetup. During the summer of K8s, Peter will be the curriculum leader for the Code module.

Cindy Mullins, Community Manager at Ambassador Labs

Favorite summer activity: Hiking and kayaking 🚣

Meet Cindy: If you’re a member of our Slack channel, you probably recognize Cindy! As Community Manager at Ambassador Labs, Cindy spends her time connecting with our users to learn about the challenges they are facing and help them find solutions. During the Summer of K8s, Cindy will be your go to resource if you have questions on how the program works.

Guest Speakers

Kostis Kapelonis

Meet Kostis: Kostis Kapelonis is a software engineer and technical writer who is passionate about automation, good testing practices, and stress-free deployments. This summer, we're excited to have Kostis joining us from Codefresh to share his learnings on progressive delivery and canary releases with Argo Rollouts!

Damian Marquez

Meet Damian: Damian Marquez, a Senior Solutions Architect at Kubermatic, has more than seven years of experience as a Technical Project Lead, Solutions Architect and Engineer. He has worked for NICE systems and Google during his tenure. He's extremely passionate about technology, innovation and the challenges cloud computing poses.

Kim Schlesinger

Meet Kim: Kim Schlesinger is a Developer Advocate at DigitalOcean focusing on Cloud Native technologies. She enjoys helping people new to DevOps and Kubernetes get hands-on experiences with the tools and practices.

Jason Morgan

Meet Jason: Jason Morgan is a Technical Evangelist at Buoyant who is passionate about continuous delivery and focused on ensuring that the apps that get released into production are easy to maintain, monitor, and scale.

We're always looking for opportunities to collaborate with our friends in the CNCF Ecosystem, which is why we're thrilled to have guest instructors joining us this summer! Opt-in for Summer of K8s updates to be the first to know when guest instructors are announced.

Prizes 🌟

For every challenge you complete, you'll be entered to win both our monthly prize (valued at approximately $100) and our grand prize (valued at approximately $1000). You'll also automatically win a weekly prize for weekly challenge you complete, with the opportunity to win 12 weekly prizes-- one for every week.

Weekly Prize

When you submit your weekly challenge by the following Monday at 5:00 PDT, you automatically win a $10 UberEats voucher. This means that by the end of the summer, you could win up to $120 in UberEats vouchers!

Weekly Raffle

Every week, one person who submits their weekly challenge by Monday at 5 PM EDT will win a Keychron Mechanical Keyboard! Over the course of the summer, this means you have 12 chances to win when you submit every week's challenges on time.


At the end of each module, one lucky challenge participant will win a brand-new M1 iPad Pro!

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