Upgrading Ambassador

Since Ambassador's configuration is entirely stored in annotations or a ConfigMap, no special process is necessary to upgrade Ambassador. If you're using the YAML files supplied by Datawire, you'll be able to upgrade simply by repeating the following kubectl apply commands.

First determine if Kubernetes has RBAC enabled:

kubectl cluster-info dump --namespace kube-system | grep authorization-mode

If you see something like --authorization-mode=Node,RBAC in the output, then RBAC is enabled.

If RBAC is enabled:

kubectl apply -f https://www.getambassador.io/yaml/ambassador/ambassador-rbac.yaml

If RBAC is not enabled:

kubectl apply -f https://www.getambassador.io/yaml/ambassador/ambassador-no-rbac.yaml

This will trigger a rolling upgrade of Ambassador.

If you're using your own YAML, check the Datawire YAML to be sure of other changes, but at minimum, you'll need to change the pulled image for the Ambassador container and redeploy.