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Quickly test new microservices within an accelerated inner dev loop, while eliminating the need to stand up complex, costly test environments for each developer.

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Service Preview - The Best of Both Cloud and Local Development

Developers creating microservices face a common challenge related to the design-code-test cycle: integration testing against other services during development. Engineers are often forced to create (potentially brittle and unrealistic) mocks, or they try to spin up a full stack locally.

Focus on the Code, Not the Preview Workarounds

Before: Lowered Developer Productivity

Sluggish inner dev loops or separate, low-fidelity, high-maintenance environments for developers to use.

After: Rapid Work in a Shared Environment

Fine-grained Layer 7 routing to preview changes to your services locally while sharing a single development cluster.

How Service Preview Works

Service Preview routes traffic intelligently through a cluster allowing developers to route test traffic to their local machine for testing purposes. From the diagram above:

  1. Developers send individually identifiable traffic through the edge to a specific service
  2. Traffic routes live through the system before entering the microservice being developed (MS2)
  3. Instead of running the service in a remote cluster, traffic is routed through a proxy to the code on a local computer (MS2 Code)
  4. Traffic is routed back through live system
  5. Traffic egress at the edge

Developers can modify code, debug, and view results through any IDE and/or toolchain of their choice.

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