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Three Great Edge Products to Deliver Edge-As-A-Service To Application Developers

The Ambassador Edge Stack goes beyond traditional API Gateways and Ingress Controllers with the advanced edge features needed to support developer self-service and full-cycle development.

API Gateway

Easily expose, secure, and manage traffic to your Kubernetes microservices.


Delivery Accelerator

Streamline CI/CD by standing up your infrastructure sooner and integrating with CI/CD solutions.


Built on Envoy

The Ambassador Edge Stack is built on the powerful Envoy Proxy. Envoy is the chosen proxy for Kubernetes and was built to work with the properties of cloud environments. The Envoy Proxy is a future-proofed platform that enables to the Ambassador Edge Stack to enable more uptime, better performance, and more granularity.

Supports Developer Self-Service

Developers own services with minimal operational intervention and configuration managed centrally. The Ambassador Edge Stack empowers developers for faster, more agile innovation, easier adoption, and clear audits and reproducibility.

Proven and Trusted by Top Companies

Organizations like PTC, Ticketmaster, and Puppet have documented success using Ambassador. The Ambassador team has deep expertise, a large vibrant, community, and maintains technical integrations with technologies in the larger Kubernetes ecosystem.