Service Meshes

Supported by Ambassador Edge Stack

Ambassador Edge Stack natively supports service meshes for service discovery, end-to-end TLS, and observability. In addition the API Gateway also supports multi-cluster Kubernetes when used with Linkerd.

Why use Ambassador Edge Stack?

  • Loosely-coupled integration with all major service meshes
  • Support for end-to-end reliability, observability, and encryption (TLS)
  • Multi-cluster mesh support with several gateways


API Gateway Service Mesh Integration Features

Ambassador has integrations and close relationships with top Service Mesh providers.

Multi-Cluster Support

Ambassador works with Linkerd to allow organizations to quickly and easily deploy their application in a way that spans multiple clusters.

Learn More about the Ambassador API Gateway Features and Modules

Security & Authentication

- Authentication

- WAF Integration

- Rate Limiting

- Automatic HTTPS

- Custom Request Filters

Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

- Kubernetes Integration

- Protocol Support

- Cross-Origin Sharing


- Custom Request Filters

Traffic Management

- Load Balancing

- Circuit Breaking

- Progressive Delivery

Service Mesh

- Service Mesh Integrations

- Multi-Cluster Support

- Rate Limiting

- Automatic HTTPS

- Custom Request Filters

Edge Policy Management

- Declarative Policy Engine

- Edge Policy Console

- Observability Integrations

- Tracing Integrations