Set up your K8s workflow in minutes.

Code faster while shipping safely. More speed, less YAML.

Ambassador Cloud gives you a single interface to develop, view, and manage Kubernetes services across the entire software lifecycle.

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A cloud native platform for cloud native teams

Purpose-built for Kubernetes, Ambassador Cloud builds on and integrates with popular CNCF projects, providing you a solid foundation for a modern cloud native platform.

Use your favorite languages, tools, and cloud environments with Ambassador Cloud to accelerate your productivity.




Set up your local ideal development environment for Kubernetes in seconds with Telepresence. Accelerate your inner development loop for services with a single click.


Canary release your applications without breaking production using GitOps-friendly auto-generated pull requests (no more writing YAML!). Monitor how your code is behaving with real traffic, and pause and rollback if things aren't going well.


Route traffic to services using one-click YAML generation that is compatible with a GitOps approach. Easily implement auth, encryption, and state-of-the-art L4/L7 traffic management. Enable resilience patterns such as timeouts and retries with one-click.