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Ambassador Edge Stack

Reduce operational toil with a single edge solution for Kubernetes

The Ambassador Edge Stack provides a comprehensive and self-service edge stack in the Kubernetes cluster.


The Ambassador Edge Stack provides the broad spectrum of functionality necessary to support edge microservices today, reducing edge complexity and overhead.


The Ambassador Edge Stack enables platform teams to provide edge-as-a-service to application developers, improving agility and velocity.

API Gateway + L7 Load Balancer + Kubernetes ingress + Developer Portal and more, Ambassador Edge Stack is a comprehensive solution

Traffic Management
Developer Onboarding
Self-Service Policy Management
Traditional API Gateway
Layer 7 Load Balancer
Kubernetes Ingress
Ambassador Edge Stack

The Ambassador Edge Stack

The Ambassador Edge Stack is built on the popular open source Ambassador API Gateway. It includes the following capabilities.

Edge Policy Console
Edge Policy Console

Configure, manage, and visualize edge policies with a console that’s seamlessly integrated with the Kubernetes API.


Ensure overall application availability with automatic retries, timeouts, circuit breakers, and rate limiting.

Easy to use security
Easy-to-use Security

Secure your microservices with automatic HTTPS with integrated ACME support, OAuth/OpenID Connect integration, rate limiting, and fine-grained access control.

Developer Onboarding
Developer Onboarding

Rapidly onboard developers to your APIs with a fully customizable developer portal, API catalog, and Swagger/OpenAPI documentation.


Understand what’s going on in your application with distributed tracing, metrics collection, and logging.

Modern Traffic Management
Modern Traffic Management

Route HTTP, HTTP/2, gRPC, gRPC-Web, WebSockets, and TCP traffic. Control load balancing, traffic shadowing, routing, cross-origin resource sharing, and more.

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Empower developers with a self-service workflow

The Edge Policy Console works seamlessly with the Kubernetes API to give platform engineers and developers the ability to easily configure, manage, and visualize edge policies with the ease-of-use and visibility of a graphical interface.


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