Ambassador Pro (BETA)


Secure, scale, and ship your microservices.

Reduce your time-to-customer for Kubernetes microservices. Scale your edge operations. Ambassador Pro enables your microservice teams to secure, scale, and ship their microservices, so your ops teams don't have to.



Easy, seamless Single Sign-On

Secure access to your services. Ambassador Pro integrates with popular Identity Providers such as Auth0 to provide a seamless OAuth / OpenID Connect authentication flow for your services. Learn more.

Access Control

Restrict access to specific services

Declare access control policies, and control who has access to specific services. Learn more.


End-to-end TLS Encryption

Integrate with the Consul Connect service mesh for end-to-end TLS. Learn more.


Rate Limit

Set limits for service usage for specific users

Prevent a single client from consuming too many resources with per-user rate limiting. Learn more.


Mitigate denial-of-service attacks

Insure your services remain available, even when under heavy load. Configure rate limits on a per-service basis. Learn more.

Fast Path Cache - Coming Soon

Minimize request latency

Cache authentication tokens and rate limits locally in Envoy, insuring that requests get processed instantly, without additional queries to backing services.


Code faster - Coming Soon

Preview your service in production

Integrated Telepresence support lets developers preview "under development" service in production, without impacting end users.


Experts available 24x7

Our team of engineers is available to help you configure, deploy, and troubleshoot Ambassador Pro for your deployment.


  • High performance, Kubernetes-native routing
  • Declarative configuration
  • Metrics and distributed tracing
  • Canary releases and traffic shadowing


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  • All Open Source features plus:
  • OAuth / OIDC Single Sign-On
  • Flexible access control
  • Global rate limiting / DOS protection
  • Per-user rate limiting
  • Fast path cache
  • Telepresence integration
  • Support: 9x5 support or 24x7 support available