Preparing Cloud-Native Businesses for Long-term Success

Key concepts to leverage on your team's journey to Kubernetes maturity
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Understanding developer ownership
Understanding developer ownership and responsibility in real-world, cloud-native development
Learning and research
Adopting empathy, mechanical sympathy, and time for learning and research in your organization
Building business applications
Building paved-path platforms for productivity, reduction of complexity, and stable conditions for business applications

Learn from these thought leaders

Nicki Watt

“Platforms continue to evolve because there are so many different ways to accomplish the many tasks that make up cloud-native development. On one hand, more mature companies may be happy with the Kubernetes setup. Many others, though, want a more curated, structured and opinionated path, with tools sitting on top of Kubernetes.”

Nicki Watt


Kelsey Hightower

“If you're the developer, you will have some responsibility for the "ingredients" you add to the mix. You will be asked to understand and answer for some of the choices you make.”

Kelsey Hightower

Principal Engineer

Katie Gamanji

“With business critical applications, 'centralizing the decentralized' ensures stability and ownership when we needed to take other nuances into consideration, for example, operating abroad and other complex business problems.”

Katie Gamanji

Senior Kubernetes Field Engineer

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Engineering Leadership

Champion the end-to-end “developer as service owner” mindset: