Become a Kubernetes Distribution Partner

Ambassador’s Kubernetes Distribution Partner Program provides sales, marketing, and technical resources to Kubernetes solution providers and distributors.

Become a Partner

Why be a partner?

In order for your customer to “go-live”, they’ll need to expose their application to the Internet, securely and easily. This is where Ambassador comes in. Powered by Envoy Proxy, Ambassador is an open source Kubernetes-native API Gateway and ingress controller adopted by thousands of organizations around the world. We’ve engineered Ambassador to minimize the time required to successfully deploy cloud-native applications into production.

Your customers:

  • Get up on your platform faster and with more capabilities than using old school, non-K8s native solutions
  • May have already used us given our popularity within the Kubernetes community

What’s the partner process?

We follow a three-step process.

  1. Certification test. We want to make sure Ambassador works well on your distribution. (Ambassador runs on standard Kubernetes, so it should). We’ll deploy Ambassador on your infrastructure (or you can do this yourself with our quickstart) and verify that Ambassador works.
  2. Website. We’ll publish documentation on our website on how to use Ambassador with your distribution, and we’ll work with you to update your documentation on how to use Ambassador. We’ll also add you to our partners website. If you have a partners website, we’re happy to have you add us as well.
  3. Marketing. We’ll connect our go-to-market team with yours to build a joint marketing plan to educate the market about the solution.

Questions? Want to get started?