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Infinite-Scale Development Environments for Kubernetes Teams

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Powered by Telepresence, Ambassador Cloud enables development teams to iterate rapidly on Kubernetes microservices by arming them with:

Infinite-scale development environments

Access to instant feedback loops

Highly customizable development environments

🆕 Scalable processes for real-time collaboration

Never Run out of Resources

Developing Kubernetes microservices is different from developing in a monolith. Your appIication will quickly become too complex for you to run the entire application and its dependencies on your local machine.

Ambassador uses a smart proxy to create a copy of your service running in the cloud and intercepts it to your local machine. With this model, you can run and develop any service—no matter its size—on your local machine.

Develop Like Your Laptop is in Your Kubernetes Cluster

For many teams, adopting Kubernetes means saying goodbye to your favorite local tools like debuggers and IDEs. Your favorite tools make you more productive, so you shouldn’t have to throw them away.

Ambassador lets you develop your service locally, so you can keep your local development, build, and debugging workflows.

Don’t Wait for Container Build, Push to Registry, and Deploy

The process for committing code changes in a containerized environment like Kubernetes can slow you down. Anytime you want to see the impact of your changes you must wait for containers to build, be pushed to your registry, and then deployed to production.

Instead, Ambassador intercepts your cloud service and runs a copy of it on your local machine. You’re now developing locally and are free to make changes and instantly see their impact.

🆕 Work Faster Together

Modern software development requires frequent input from teammates, but when developing Kubernetes microservices, it can take hours or days for your teammates to reproduce your bugs in their local environment. You should be able to fix it faster together.

Ambassador automatically generates sharable preview URLs, so you can work on a copy of your service locally and share that copy directly with a teammate for pair programming. While you and your partner work together to debug your service, the production version remains unchanged to the rest of your team until you commit your changes.

Ambassador Cloud is free for teams of any size. With our free tier, an unlimited number of developers in an organization can use Telepresence to collaborate and develop rapidly on up to five services.

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How It Works

Imagine a sample application consisting of 3 services - a VeryLargeJavaService, a DataProcessingNodeService, and a VeryLargeDataStore. In front of our application is an ingress controller which routes traffic from our users. Given the size of its dependencies, this application can’t be run locally.

With Ambassador, a copy of the DataProcessingNodeService runs on the developer’s local development machine while the rest of the dependencies run in the cloud where there is unlimited memory. The traffic from the VeryLargeJavaService is intercepted and routed to the local development machine before being passed to the VeryLargeDataStore.

Ambassador also enables developers to share preview links with their teammates so that their colleague can view and interact with the results of their local changes. To do this, the only traffic accessed via the preview link is intercepted and routed to the local development machine. All other traffic to the service is unaffected.

Powered by Open Source
Powered by the CNCF Telepresence project, Ambassador makes developers more productive on Kubernetes by offering additional features for collaboration across teams as well as a cloud dashboard for managing services.