Service Catalog

Real-time portal for Kubernetes app developers

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Eliminate tribal knowledge. Speed incident response and improve developer productivity.

Finding the who, why, and where of a service in Kubernetes takes too long. Service Catalog gives developers a simple way to annotate and publish this information, speeding incident response and developer productivity.

Single view of all services, across clusters.

Get an integrated, developer-friendly view of all your Kubernetes services, regardless of where they’re deployed.

Discover critical data about your services.

Who owns a service? Where’s the code repository? Where’s the runbook? Get all the information you need to manage a service with a single click.

Designed for GitOps and Kubernetes.

Use standard Kubernetes annotations to describe services, enabling Service Catalog to plug directly into your existing workflow

How It Works

1. Add annotations to your Kubernetes services.

2. Deploy the updated manifest to your cluster.

3. See the information in Service Catalog.